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Remember When?

Featuring Bruce Cohn

Artist Statement
Like listening to an "oldie" on the radio, an old photograph can evoke nostalgia, memories of better or worse times, and perhaps a smile.
I took this opportunity to go back a few decades and peruse more than 35 years of archived black and white contact sheets and negatives. My selections partly focus on my experiences as a NYC public school teacher and student of photography.
As photographers, we create a journal of what is, and with a bit of care, can preserve what was.

- Bruce Cohn

The exhibit is on view from April 2nd through May 8th, 2016.

An opening party will be held on Saturday, April 9th, from 5-8 p.m.

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Member News

CPG Members in 'STATEN ISLAND 24:00 - A Day in the Life of Staten Island'

CPG members Willie Chu, Robin George, and Virginia Ross have images in this one-day show at Maker Space.

On Wednesday March 23, 2016, the first 'STATEN ISLAND 24:00 – A Day in the Life of Staten Island' photo shoot took place. The rules were simple, all photos must be taken on Staten Island and the time that they were taken were to be noted. Catch the inagural show, curated by Gail Middleton Michael McWeeney and Terry Plater, on Sunday, April 10th.

Reception: Sunday, April 10, 2016, 2-6 P.M. Refreshments will be served.

Staten Island MakerSpace
450 Front Street
Staten Island, NY 10304
(718) 273-3951

CPG Member Steven (Fritz) Weiss in 'Gyno-Seen: Focus on Women'

CPG member Steven (Fritz) Weiss is showing work in SICC's Exhibit 'Gyno-Seen: Focus on Women' at the Art on the Terrace Gallery.

Mr. Weiss's piece, Dream Skin, is a limited-edition print of a 14-year-old girl how drowned off the coast of Sicily. Following her death the catch of fish and the harvest of olives were over-abundant. She is now thought of as the provider of wine, olives, fish and salt from the seas - the basic staples required for life in Sicily. Her image is found on many pieces of ceramics, paintings and murals throughout the resort town of Teromina in Sicily.

Opening Reception: Saturday March 12, 2016, 6-9 P.M.

The exhibit is on view from March 4th through April 16th, 2016.

Art on The Terrace Gallery
776 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301

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Richard Xuereb

CPG member Richard Xuereb's Cactus and Lava, Galapagos 1f is one of eight photos chosen by the Galapagos Conservancy to be featured as downloadable screensaver images.

Click for full image.

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Can You See Me Now

CPG's International Juried Show

CPG challenged participants in this international juried show to explore how they defined themselves, the people they relate to and the world around them using technologies available on smartphones & smart devices.

$1000 in cash prizes were awarded.

Can You See Me Now Slideshow.

Lighthouse Stories and Tales of the Sea

First National Juried Photography Show

"Lighthouse Stories and Tales of the Sea" is a celebration of the great lighthouses and the bays, waterways and seas - coastal and inland - located throughout the world. This exhibit seeks, through photography, to pay homage to the great visual stories, tales, and history of lighthouses and waterways throughout the world.

The juried show was on exhibit from March 7-29, 2015, at the National Lighthouse Museum.

$2500 in cash prizes were awarded.

Lighthouse Stories and Tales of the Sea Slideshow.

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A Little About CPG

The Creative Photographers Guild is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization of photographers, from novice to professional, whose mission is to bring the universally expressive power of photography to the community.

The Guild also aims to provide a vibrant avenue for the promotion and appreciation of the creative and innovative world of photography to the greater New York community, especially Staten Island.

In service of those goals, the Guild opened the CPG Gallery in March of 2009 on Staten Island's arts-oriented North Shore.

Members also seek other venues in which to exhibit photographs, promote public awareness of the unique artistic qualities of photography, support other artists and arts projects, and share skills and information with the community at large.

All are encouraged to visit the gallery and speak with the photographers, one of whom is always on hand for discussions.

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Visit the CPG Gallery at 814 Richmond Terrace (entrance on Tysen Street), Staten Island, New York. The gallery is open Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-5:00 pm., or by appointment.

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