I wish to raise public consciousness about the charms of Staten Island, through the

publication of my photography book “Staten Island: Hiding In Plain Sight”. The book shines

its light upon the Island’s historical significance, natural wonders, culture, and the exotic.

Drawing upon my preferred styles - night photography and landscape photography, I have

spent the past five years photographing Staten Island. During this journey I saw the Island

in a different light than I remembered as a child, and even found wonders I never knew

existed. My question became, “If I, a native Islander, never realized its unique attributes,

how could anyone else know and appreciate Staten Island? My own internal response was

swift, “I will show them”.

With a portfolio of over 10,0000 images, I hope to find an agent and publisher to recognize

the as-yet relatively unknown beauty of Staten Island. I hope these images will startle and

delight off-Islanders. There are no glossy coffee table books about Staten Island, and there

should be. Come with me, and I will show you my Staten Island.